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Greetings from Thailand!

I'll start with the weather: hot, humid. Being in the southeast during spring/summer time doesn't improve much from this. Everybody uses a/c, and with good reason, although the end result of all of that energy use becomes a collective cloud of haze which surrounds Bangkok. By nightfall, you can head onto the skytrain and see all the locals carrying matching red eyes. Although, the amount of spicy fish paste and chili wafting from street stalls seem suspect, I have to put my money on the air pollution as the culprit.

My command of the Thai language is severely poor, although I have somehow managed to get by for the past two weeks with only a little more than 10 words under my belt.

The food here is incredible. Only 40 baht for dinner outside of Bangkok, which amounts to a little over a dollar and some change. I've never eaten so well!

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